Winter Declutter with Fabreco

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It’s true, every state in India experiences winters at different times and with different intensity. While some states have to prepare themselves for the literal chills that the season brings with itself, others get to experience the best of the season with the warm morning sun beaming on them during the daytime and the temperature only ranging from 8-18 degrees throughout the day.


Winters mark a great time for fashion enthusiasts. From fleece jackets to fur coats, from leather boots to funky mufflers, there’s something for everyone and in unlimited colors and textures.

One big highlight of Indian winters has to be the assortment of shawls made locally in different regions of the country.

If you were to make a must-buy list of Indian shawls, here are our recommendations:


  • Pashmina shawls
  • Kullu shawls
  • Naga shawls
  • Kalamkari shawls
  • Rabari shawls
  • Dhabla shawls 


The Kosha Journal helps you identify the original Indian shawls with some quick identification tests. 


Owning one or two from the above list is like owning an asset for a lifetime; and more. These shawls are representative of regional cultures and the pride they hold in intricately making every piece. 


Hence, if you are someone looking at investing in long-lasting winter clothes, any two original Indian shawls from the above list must make it to your wardrobe.


They are warm and you can pair them with every kind of outfit. They make the plainest of outfits look stylish on the go!


Another important winter clothing in India has to be turtlenecks.


Turtlenecks are comfy, stylish and extremely handy. Got an impromptu dinner plan? Pair a solid-coloured turtleneck with trousers and you are good to go. Got an important meeting to attend, throw an overcoat on a turtleneck and you are ready for it.



Of course, nothing says ‘winter’ better than a comfy hoodie. 


Pro tip: Always invest in a hoodie that is a size bigger than the size of your everyday tee.



When buying a hoodie, you can look for options based on your preferences and usage. If you stay in a rather colder area, go for hoodies that have a lining of faux fur on the inside.


Fleece hoodies are a great buy for people who stay in relatively less colder areas. 


Fun fact: You don’t have to wash your hoodies if you Fabreco them once every 3 days.


When it comes to decluttering your wardrobe for winters, here are some tips you must follow:


  1. Get hangers for your shawls. As mentioned above, two good original Indian shawls are enough for you to get through a decade of winters. Using hangers makes it easy to organize them. 


  1. Box the socks. Easy to find them. Easier to store.


      2. Hang your hoodies on detachable hooks. You can simply grab them when leaving the house. 


      3. Store all your summery summer clothes in a saree folder since you wouldn’t need them anyway.


      4. As for your woolen tees and turtlenecks, fold them, pile them one on top of another so they get extra warm when you wear them.


You can simply Fabreco your woolen clothes to remove wrinkles on them. We understand how lazy winters can get sometimes. 


Got more tips? Mention them in the comments section. 


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