Fabreco – Every Mother’s Best Friend

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Never imagined the thought of ironing clothes would put me under so much stress. It was only when my kids started going to school that I realized what a hectic task it is to iron clothes every day. To be very honest, I had a hard time making my kid’s clothes crease-free every morning.

I am Sunita Salunke, a 30-year-old, married and proud working mother of two daughters. The Salunke family puts on a little show with a bit of ruckus every morning just to get ready. 

Among all the chores, doing the laundry and ironing clothes is my least favorite task. When fabreco entered my life, everything changed for the better. Because of this instant wrinkle remover, I do not have to worry about ironing clothes every day.

It is one of the best laundry hacks I have come across. You just spray it over your clothes, wipe, let it dry and you are good to go. It not only makes clothes wrinkle-free but is also an excellent fabric disinfectant. My kids too have fallen in love with Fabreco Instant Wrinkle Remover. They love the way the crease vanishes and leaves a refreshing smell on the clothes.

The best part is that I do not have to wash their uniforms every day as Fabreco disinfects and works as a refresher as well. I do not want to be labeled lazy but I get tired just by the thought of washing clothes right after coming back from the office. Us working moms need a bottle or two of Fabreco at home at all times.

I bought this product on a whim after coming across an ad on Instagram. I had never imagined an impulse buy would change my life. By the way, it’s vegan. Furthermore, it is safe on the sensitive skin of kids. 


I would suggest everyone who hates laundry, give this product a chance. It would work like a charm straight out of your child’s favorite fairy tale.





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