Fabreco Instant is India’s first a vegan plant-based spray which offers three distinctive solutions - works as a Instant Wrinkle Remover, A Fabric Refresher & a Fabric Disinfectant. Be presentable at any instance with no more hassles of ironing or multiple rounds of laundry.
The main ingredients are natural Surfactant, Vegetable Fat, Essential Oil & natural preservative.
Plant based surfactant & vegetable fat are the main ingredients in relaxing the fibers in your clothing and therefore causing the wrinkles to release. By wiping with your hand or tugging the cloth, the fibers straighten up and take their original shape and gives you a wrinkle free fabric within seconds.
The lavender linen fragrance extracted from the lavender flower removes malodour from your clothes and keeps it fresh. It would start by having a strong fragrance note on the fabric and would later become light and hence doesnot mix with the smell of your fragrances or deodorants.
Fabreco works differently on different fabrics.

Cottons- Removes Wrinkles, Softens the fabric, disinfects & freshens your clothes.

Denims- Protects the colour, freshens, disinfects & makes the denim last longer.

Delicates- Freshen your party wear, disinfects & colour protects.

The best fabrics to use are Soft Cotton, T-shirts, linen, heavy cotton, wool, flannel, heavy cotton, chinos, denims.

Use caution while using on Silk, rayon, Satin, spandex & polyester.

It DOES NOT work on fabrics with starch.

While we donot say that it is a replacement for your iron, Fabreco Instant does a much better job than an iron box. While the iron box can give the fabric a crisp look, fabreco instant will give you a presentable look. The disadvantage with ironing is that, your clothes tend to fade with color soon because of the heat. Fabreco Instant will make your clothes last longer while making you shine anytime, anywhere.
Yes, you can. In fact, it will enhance the wrinkle free benefits of the fabric and also act as a disinfectant & a refresher.

There are a lot of ways of how to use fabreco instant.

You can start by either spreading your cloth on a even surface or hang it.

Spray on the wrinkles from a distance of 6 to 8 inches away so that the cloth doesn’t get wet & is just damp.

Then, you can either wipe it with your hands, or tug it by holding onto the corners or just whip the cloth. The wrinkles will be gone.

Yes, We highly recommend you allow sufficient drying time (4 to 5 min) before you wear it. You are basically allowing the liquid to do its magic while it is drying off. In case wear it before drying, the creases might come back when you sit anywhere.
Practically everywhere and anywhere. It is a must need in your closet for your busy schedules, at your workstation so that you look great in your meetings, in your suitcase when you travel. You never know which moment could end up being the best in your life, Fabreco Instant has your back.
Anyone who wears clothes and values their time.
No, the liquid works only when it is sprayed and not when it is dropped in the washing machine.
The trigger sprayer is made to spray more liquid so that it reduces your effort of spraying on the clothes. The negative side of the trigger spray technology is that it might leak a few drops when you spray on the cloth while holding it at an inclined angle. Don’t you worry about the droplets. It will dry off in the drying time while you spend time on something else.
As mentioned earlier, the wrinkle removing technology would work with cottons, linens, denims, t shirts. The wrinkle removing part would not work on synthetic material like polyester, silk, viscose etc. It also wouldn’t work if your clothes are starched. Fabreco Instant is exactly opposite to how starch works.
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We have tried fabreco instant with all skin types. Because of its mild & vegan composition, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. It is completely safe to use for all skin types.
We believe that we are the highest responsible living beings on the planet. It is equally important to protect our selves from harmful chemicals while also protecting the planet. While most places of india is running out of water, we all liberally use it. A load of washing machine uses approximately 50 liters of water. This can be saved by sensibly opting for better ways to keep your clothes fresh& last longer. Did you also know that we are all polluting ourselves & the planet with harmful chemicals that are used in your detergents & fabric conditioners?Opt for natural compositions to keep your clothes, yourself & the planet safe together. It just starts with 1 decision.

How It Works


Place your garment on an even surface.


Spray on the garment evenly in sweeping motion from a 6 to 8 inch distance.


Wipe the wrinkles off with your hand with mild/moderate pressure. In case of hard wrinkles, stretch the fabric side ways and top bottom by holding it at the corners.


Allow it to dry for 4-5 min.